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Nonprofit World: July-August 1984


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Developing Volunteer Leaders: The Wichita Falls Experience
by Belote, P. et al.
Category: Volunteers / Leaders
Effective Strategic Planning in Nonprofit Organizations
by Anthony, William
Category: Planning / Strategic Plans
How Nonprofits Can Use Television Talk Shows
by Goldberg, Richard
Category: Communications / Electronic Media
Obtaining Funds Through Electronic Funds Transfers
by Kempf, Beverly
Category: Fundraising / EFT
Public Relations & Communications for the Nonprofit Group
by McGrath, Glen
Category: Public Relations
Reactions to the SBA Report on Nonprofit Competition
by Salvatore, Tony
Category: Enterprise / Small Business
The Unrelated Business: The Myth of Stare Decisions
by Wrolstad, Marwin
Category: Enterprise / Unrelated Business
What Is My Data Base?
by Sidler, Mark
Category: Computers / Databases

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