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Nonprofit World: July-August 2001


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8 Principles for NP Entrepreneurs
by Boschee, Jerr
Category: Enterprise / Social Entrepreneurs
Can You Acknowledge Donors Via E-Mail?
Category: Fundraising / Acknowledgments
Charitableway Gives Up on Online Giving*
by Feller, Gordon
Category: Computers / Online Giving
Donors' Rights Should Be Global Priority
by Butler, Toby
Category: Global Thinking / Donors' Rights
Mama Said Never Put All Eggs in One Basket*
by Temkin, Terrie
Category: Fundraising / Diverse Revenue
New Regs Unravel Intermediate Sanctions Snares
by Schmidt Sarah
Category: Law & Taxation / Intermediate Sanctions
New Way to Evaluate Performance: Measure Use of Time
by Stout William
Category: Management / Evaluation
Social Services or Social Justice?*
by Fernsler Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / What's Love Got...?
Succeeding with Your Bright Ideas
by Tucker, Robert
Category: Management / Creativity

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