Nonprofit World: July-August 1998


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Are You Sure You're Ready for a FR Campaign?
by Panas, Jerold
Category: Fundraising / Campaign
Back to School: Certificate Program Unveiled
by Muehrcke, Jill
Category: Management / Training
Choosing an HTML Editor: Software Reviews
by Hoffman, Leslie & JP Frenza
Category: Computers / Web Sites
Diversity Is an International Issue
by Akpeki, Tesse
Category: Global Thinking / Diversity
Eight Steps to Fundraising Success
by Selladurai, Rajan
Category: Fundraising / Success
Encouraging Visionary Board Leadership*
by Martinelli, Frank
Category: Boards / Visionary Leading
Is Your Organization a Pacesetter?
by Gifford, Gayle
Category: Management / Trends
Ready to Erupt: Coalitions & Lead Agencies
by Novik, Neil
Category: Management / Coalitions
Sale of NP Assets Creates Benefits & Risks*
by Owen, John R., III
Category: Law & Taxation / Sale of Assets
Secrets of Successful Grantmanship: Guerrilla Guide*
Category: Book Reviews / Grants
Should Board Members Set their Own Wages?*
by Canning, Barbara Condit
Category: Boards / Compensation
Starting a Business: Too Risky for Your Organization?
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Enterprise / Starting a Business

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