Nonprofit World: July-August 1997


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Building a Team
by Kieffer, Laurel
Category: Management / Teams
Create a Budget that Works for You
by Rotondi, Ann
Category: Accounting / Budgets
Evaluating the Top Administrator: A New Approach*
by Temkin, Terrie
Category: Boards / Evaluating CEO
Famous Last Words of Failed Nonprofit Entrepreneurs
by Emerson, Jedd
Category: Enterprise / Social Entrepreneurs
Fraud Awareness, Prevention, Detection
by Messina, Frank
Category: Management / Fraud
How to Be a Good-Guy Fundraiser & Avoid Bad*
by Muehrcke, Jill
Category: Book Reviews / Fundraising
How to Stake Out Your Claim in Cyberspace
by Frenza, JP
Category: Computers / Web Sites
Increasing Involvement of Major Donors*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Major Donors
Selling Business on Benefits of CRM
by Ptacek, Joseph & Salazar, Gina
Category: Fundraising / Cause-Related Market
Top 10 Keys to Effective Communication*
by Muehrcke, Jill
Category: Communications / Top 10 Keys
Will Reimbursing Board Members Risk Tax-Exempt Status?*
by Katen, Hal
Category: Boards / Reimbursements

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