Nonprofit World: July-August 1994


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Are You Complying with Compensation Laws?
by Tesdahl, D. Benson
Category: Law & Taxation / Compensation Law
Building Networks, Mobilizing Forces
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Networks
Creative Collaborations: The Art of Negotiating
by Schwartz, Andrew
Category: Communications / Negotiating
Focusing on Foundation Grants: The Powerful "Reverse Needs"
by Varorella, William
Category: Fundraising / Grants
How to Create Powerful Partnerships
Category: Management / Partnerships
How to Turn Your Enrtrepreneurial Skills Toward Your Mission
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Enterprise / Mission
How Will the New Accounting Standard Affect Your Operation
by Harr, David & Robert Frank
Category: Finances
In the Hot Seat: How to Respond to Pressure Groups
by Lauer, Larry
Category: Public Relations / Pressure Groups
Save Money with Postal Barcodes
Category: Computers / Software
Thirteen Ways to Cut Costs: Rate Your Organization
by Ries,R.& E. Alstadler
Category: Finances / Cost Cutting
What You Should Know About Nonprofit Mergers
by Hodgkin, Christopher
Category: Management / Merging

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