Nonprofit World: July-August 1993


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Are You Obeying Personnel Laws?
by Levesque, Joseph
Category: Personnel / Law
Avoiding "Quality Shock"
by Connors, Tracy
Category: Management / Quality
Evaluating Programs & People
by Dixon, Greta K. Marie
Category: Management / Evaluation
Finding the Right Bank
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Accounting / Banking
Gaining Clout Beyond the Mainstream
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Human Resources
How to Adopt Total Quality Management: Laying a Sound Foundation
by Bedwell, Raymond
Category: Management / TQM
New IRS Sponsorship Rules; Good News for Nonprofits
by Hopkins,Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Sponsor Payments
Put the Power of Ethics to Work in Your Organization
by Mason, David
Category: Ethics / Management
Supervising Interns Effectively
by Yane, Rebecca
Category: Personnel / Interns
The Fundraising Office of the Future
by Staecker, Delmar
Category: Fundraising / Future
Toward a New Structure: Lessons from the Past
by Dina, Richard
Category: Management / Rebuilding NPs

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