Nonprofit World: July-September 2020


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Whiteness & the Nonprofit Sector

Lecheler, Tegan

Are white nonprofit leaders in the wrong roles?


How Can You Keep Your Remote Workers Productive?

Hurt, Karin

Here's a primer for leading and motivating people when they work from home.


Getting Your Board Prospect off the Fence

Eber Davis, Karen

Avoid board-candidate limbo with these simple steps.


Top 10 Things Donors Want from Your Website

Perry, Gail

Are you giving people what they want when they visit your website?


Dialing for Dollars, Reinvented

Robinson, Andy

Use phone banks to engage donors and raise more money.

Law & Taxation

IRS Proposes UBIT "Silo" Rules for Nonprofits

Ziffer, Yossi & Chris Moran

Proposed rules aim to make things easier for you if your organization owns businesses or certain investments.

Relevant Reviews

Rethinking Our Place in the Economy

Fernsler, Terrence

Three books provide a rare, insightful economic perspective on nonprofits.


Connecting through the Camera & Keyboard

Zabriskie, Kate

Use these success strategies to manage meetings in the virtual world.


Unlocking the Power of Soft Skills: The Missing Basics in Today's Workforce

Muehrcke, Jill

Help your coworkers learn these essentials - and hone them yourself - with these tips.


New Ideas for a New Era

Lemond, Brian

Here's how digital solutions can help you thrive as you move into an uncertain future.


To Make an Impact, Improve Your Non-Verbal Awareness

Phibbs, Bob

Your voice and body language can turn people off or on. To gain more support, turn these basics to best advantage.


Boost Your Organization's Resilience

Johnson, Jill J.

Use this approach to prepare for whatever the future brings.


Overcome People's Resistance with These Steps

Brown, Edward G.

Help people find the courage to change.


Livestreaming for Good: A Nonprofit Guide

Steele, Cassandra

It's easier than you think to broadcast an event or production video to large or small audiences.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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