Nonprofit World: July-September 2019


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Term Limits an Issue for Board Chairs, Too

Temkin, Terrie

What are the pros and cons of board-chair term limits?


Cloud Returns More to the Cause

Bain, HK

This case study shows how a cloud-based system can make a monumental difference.


This Is How It Feels when You Don't Acknowledge a Donor

Shefska, Zach

Take a walk in a donor's shoes, and you'll never make this devastating mistake again.


From Bored to Blazing: Fire Up Your Board

Perry, Gail

Give these ideas a try and watch people wake up.


To Be an Ingenious Leader, Take Charge of Your Learning

Eber Davis, Karen

Sharpen your swords, improve your outcomes, and advance your career with active learning.

Law & Taxation

Parking: The New Tax on the Block

Lincoln, Sharon C.

If your organization provides parking, you need to know about this new tax.


Ready, Set ….

Weisman, Carol

Try this creative idea to raise funds.


Trust: The Reason Volunteer Screening Is More Vital than Ever

Cohen, Tammy

Background checks have always been crucial: They're even more so today.


Beware These Words

Russell, Max T.

Don't make it hard for people to understand you.


Diverse Workgroups Spur Positive Change

Wicmandy, Michelle

Make the best use of your most valuable asset - people's diversity and ingenuity.


Better Delegation = Better Leadership

Bloom, Eric

A productivity expert provides a roadmap to delegate tasks effectively.


Handling Difficult Calls: Master Moves for Telephone Ninjas

Zabriskie, Kate

Make sure your calls go smoothly from start to finish.


What Has Changed about Marketing?

Slipher, Andy

Answering that question holds the key to spreading your message in the most effective way.


Why You Absolutely Must Train Millennials

Hackel, Evan

Training leads to higher productivity for everyone - but especially for the millennial generation.


Extraordinary Impact on an Ordinary Budget: It's Possible with These Tactics

Farmer, Jennifer

You don't need a big budget to spread your message far and wide.

Relevant Reviews

Doing Board Committees Right

Fernsler, Terrence

Here's all you ever wanted to know about board committees, detailed by the foremost expert in the field.

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