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Nonprofit World: July-September 2018


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What's the Best Way to Avoid Financial Misuse?

Burnham Laverty, Katie

How can a nonprofit minimize the chance of fraud?


May Board Members Be Present by Telephone?

Kramer, Don

Must you be physically present at board meetings?


Take Volunteer Software Seriously

Murray, Anna

If you work with volunteers, you need to understand these five essential software lessons.


What to Do When Your Potential Donor Says "No"

Weisman, Carol

It's not the end of the conversation. Here's what to say next.


Twelve Ways to Liven Up Your Board Meetings - And Your Board

Perry, Gail

Share these ideas with your board members, and watch meetings rocket from boring to fired up.

Law & Taxation

Do Your Board Members Understand Their IRS Obligations? Form 990 & the Intermediate Sanctions Act

Fram, Eugene

Far too many board members don't even realize these responsibilities exist. This lack of knowledge can have harsh consequences.


Are We Misleading Our Donors?

Rossig, Julian, Joachim Bauer, and Joseph Santora

Are we making a good-faith effort to tell donors the truth?


Make Your Event Sponsorships Stick without Backbreaking Labor

Eber Davis, Karen

Follow these easy steps to make your special-event sponsors happy - and your events more successful.


The Volunteer Leader as a Facilitator of Change

Ellis, Susan

Ask yourself these questions to see if you're promoting or impeding innovative breakthroughs.


Is Your Website Clouding Your Message?

Russell, Max T.

Check your website to be sure you're not making it hard for visitors to hear what you want to say.


Accomplish More by Climbing the Productivity Pyramid

Bloom, Eric

Find more time, money, and resources by following these steps.


Nine Surefire Steps to Lock Down Your Cybersecurity

Henry, Clinton

Your organization depends on the trust you develop with your stakeholders. That means following nine key cybersecurity steps.


Reimagining Your Hiring Practices: A Self-Assessment

Graziano, Magi

Evaluate yourself with this hiring checklist.


Good Leaders Ask Dumb Questions: Leadership Traits in Defense of Asking the Obvious

Grassl, Walt

Asking dumb questions can showcase valuable leadership skills.


Should Chief Happiness Officer Be One of Your Titles?

Oliver, Erika

Don't overlook the power of joy.


Purchasing Insurance: Don't Do It Again Until You've Read This

Davis, Pamela

It's a complex subject. Here, an expert breaks it down into simple guidance.


Why You Need an App for Fundraising

Reed, Steven A.

That little device in the palm of your hand holds immense promise for raising funds.


Building an Alliance with Your Board Chair

Eadie, Doug

Nothing is more critical to your success as a chief executive than your partnership with your board chair.

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