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Nonprofit World: July-September 2015


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Audit? Avoid an Unwanted Auditor's Letter
by Hess, Davis & Mark H. Haney
Even the smallest nonprofit can put these five essentials to good use.
Avoid Catastrophe by Addressing Cyber Risk
by Marchetti, Tom
You could fall victim to a cyber attack or breach at any time. Keep disaster at bay with these guidelines.
Do You Need Insurance?
by Kramer, Don
And if so, what kind?
Don't Let Planned-Giving Myths Damage Your Future
by Montgomery-Clark, Susann
Misconceptions about planned giving keep many leaders from reaping huge rewards.
Engage Donors with Social Media
by Clese, John
If you're not using these strategies, you're missing one of the best ways to connect with donors and prospects.
Fifty Shades of Fundraising
by Weisman, Carol
Choosing your "safe word" and other tips for making the "ask."
How to Get the Most from Your Banking Relationship
by Malloy, Kathleen & Ronald Redmon
Your bank can be more than a place to keep your money. It can be a strategic partner in creating your future.
Is Lost Packet Retrievable?
by Temkin, Terrie
What can you do if you lose your IRS paperwork?
Motivate Workers with Training Opportunities
by Outlaw, Denise
Use training as a hiring, retention, and productivity tool.
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Using Social Media to Spur Fundraising
by Fernsler, Terrence
You can use online channels to raise money, spark advocacy, and engage your community.
What Is Strategic Capital Planning & How Can It Enrich Your Future?
by Aase, Ben
This new way of looking at planning can make a huge difference.
Working for a Commission: It's Not What You Think
by Eber Davis, Karen
Everything looks different when you see it through a patron's eyes.

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