Nonprofit World: May-June 2010


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Accelerating Fundraising through Social Media*
by Schipul, Ed
Here's a simple way to connect with supporters through online social networks.
Do You Have Knowledge Where It Really Counts?
by Carrasco, Michael J.
Follow these 10 rules and your organization will flourish.
Fundraising and the Virtual Call Center
by Dvorkin, Jim
Is the on-demand call center right for you? Use these tips to capitalize on this trend.
Has Your Organization Lost Its Soul?
by Long, Stephen
Surviving the troubled economy doesn't mean huddling in fear. The real answer is to turn apathetic managers into high-performing ones.
How Can You Use Leftover Premiums?
by Warwick, Mal
Is a dated premium a good incentive for giving?
Nonprofit Briefs*
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Restructuring Contracts in Stressful Times
by Trentacosta, John R.
Can redoing your contracts provide shelter from the economic storm?
Secrets to Finding the Perfect Consultant*
by Checco, Larry & Kathleen Rae King
How can you assure a rewarding consultant experience? Add these checklists and guidelines to your tool kit.
Stand Back for More Effective Meetings*
by Fernsler, Terrence
It's time to lead meetings in a new way. Here's what you need to know.
The Joys of Risk
by Somerville, Bill & Fred Setterberg
An expert on creative grantmaking shares lessons he's learned about embracing risk.
The Strategic Alliance Journey: Forging Outrageously Successful Relationships
by Rigsbee, Ed
Follow these steps to create partnerships that work.
Use Coaching to Retain the Leader's Edge
by Boyle, James
Don't let stress and burnout infect your organization's leaders. Here's how coaching can help.
What's the Best Way to Contact Board Members?*
by Weisman, Carol
How can you find out what's really keeping board members away?

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