Nonprofit World: May-June 2009


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Do You Need D&O/EPL Insurance?*

Ruggiero, Sara & Rich Geoghan

Is it worth the cost?


A Charity Badge to Raise Dough?

Trebesch, Lance & Taylor Robinson

Would a charity badge be a good fundraising vehicle for your organization?


Increase Donations in a Down Economy? With Social Media, Yes, You Can!

Cramer, Bob

Use social media to build relationships and boost donations. Here's how.


Using a Balanced Scorecard in a Nonprofit Organization*

Zimmerman, Joel

Here's how to adapt this powerful tool to transform your organization.


New Entrepreneurial Model for Nonprofits: A Hospital Redefines Health Care

Muehrcke, Jill

A unique hospital is blazing an entrepreneurial trail. The lesson? Dream big. Even the sky isn't the limit any more.


Using Technology to Advance Your Board

Brinckerhoff, Peter

Use your web site to help create a strong, energized board of directors.


Building a Rock-Solid Board-CEO Partnership: Talking With CEO Virginia Jacko*

Eadie, Doug

A successful organization depends on the partnership between the board and CEO. Here are insights from a visionary leader.


The Latest Trends & How to Master Them

Finch, Aikyna

Follow these steps to put your organization in front of the curve.


How to Run Your Organization with Free Software

Anderson, Ian

Many free software programs are as good or better than expensive versions. Here are the best.

Future Trends

Nonprofit Sector Growing Pains*

Glasrud, Bruce

The economic crisis may be just what's needed to turn the nonprofit sector around. Here's what we must do.

Building Capacity

Board Diversity: Your Biggest Challenge

Bates-Ballard, Patty

Recruiting diverse board members is just the beginning. Then your real work begins.

Book Reviews

Scanning the Periphery*

Fernsler, Terrence

Are you aware of the distant signals that can make or break your organization?

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