Nonprofit World: May-June 2006


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15 Tips to Optimize Your E-mail Messages*
by Khera, Raj
Nonprofits scored high in a recent e-mail study. But are you doing all you can to reap the highest response rates?
35 Questions that Will Transform Your Board
by N/A
Take this test to be sure your board is the best that it can be.
Are Spreadsheet Errors Undermining Decision-Making in Your Organization?
by Caulkins, Jonathan et al.
Your spreadsheets may be disasters in the making, as a new study makes clear. Here?s what to do.
Are You Boring Your Volunteers to Death?*
by Ellis, Susan
Can you get those tedious tasks done without alienating volunteers?
For Best Results, Mix Well Before Use
by Brand, Tom
To reach donors, fundraisers must integrate a variety of media. CD-ROMs are a cost-effective way to do so.
How a State Can Enhance Nonprofit Effectiveness
by Boyd, Sandy
A new report shows what states can do when they take the lead in nurturing the nonprofit sector from the ground up.
How Nonprofits Can Partner with State Regulators
by Lies, Valerie
Here?s how one state began a dialogue with regulators to strengthen nonprofits.
How to Reduce Employee Stress
by Kleiner, Brian et al.
Don?t risk losing your best workers.
Idealism & Activism in Today's Nonprofit World
by Sauer, Doug
Nonprofits can - and must - redefine activism so that it?s integral to their work.
It's Time for All Nonprofits to Come Together
by Alvarado, Audrey R.
A first-of-its-kind meeting - the Nonprofit Congress - aims to unite America?s diverse nonprofits.
Nonprofit Voices: Tapping the Power of the Board*
by Avner, Marcia
Are you drawing on the tremendous resource your board can be in advocating for your organization?
Our American Democracy: How Do Nonprofits Fit In?*
by Greeley, Erica
Why should nonprofits care about public policy and engage in advocacy? This historical view provides a clear answer.
Take the Collaboration Quiz*
by Rigsbee, Ed
How do you choose the best possible collaboration partner? This quiz is the place to start.

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