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Nonprofit World: May-June 1984


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Creative Financing for Nonprofits
by Reiss, Alvin
Category: Fundraising / Financing
Getting Your Message on Television News
by Goldberg, Richard
Category: Communications / Electronic Media
Leadership & Voluntary Action
by McGrath, Glen
Category: Management / Leadership
New Techniques for Upgrading Donors
by Groman, John
Category: Fundraising / Donors
Nonprofit Enterprise: Through the Eyes of For-Profits
by Wrolstad, Marwin
Category: Enterprise
Okay, We Need One: Now What?
by Sidler, Mark
Category: Computers / Purchasing
Think Youth: The Challenge of Youth Volunteerism
by Buratto, Bill
Category: Volunteers / Youth
Volunteer Insurance Coverage
by Frederick, George
Category: Law & Taxation / Insurance

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