Nonprofit World: May-June 1997


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Defending Yourself from Software Police*
by Greenlee, Janet
Category: Computers / Software Piracy
Financial Stability: Impossible Dream?
by Robinson, Bridget
Category: Finances / Stability
How Can You Collect Delinquent Pledges?
by Harrison, Bill
Category: Fundraising / Pledges
How Good Is the Good Society?*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Good Society
Improving Boards: What Works & What Doesn't?
by Brudney and Murray
Category: Boards / Change (Survey)
May a Canadian Run a U.S. Nonprofit?*
by Tesdahl, D. Benson
Category: Law & Taxation / Citizenship
NP Marketing Disability--How to Overcome It*
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Marketing / Disability
Philanthropy & Business" Like Oil & Water?
by Morris, Marilyn
Category: Management / Businesslike steps
Staying Healthy after Expansion
by Conrad, Charles
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Expansion
The Nonprofit Marketing Disability--How to Overcome It
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Enterprise / Marketing Disability
Twelve Self-Renewal Steps for Exec Dirs*
by Naughton, Colleen
Category: Personnel / Renewal
Two Keys to Successful Grant Proposals
by Remley, Dirk
Category: Fundraising / Grant Proposals

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