Nonprofit World: May-June 1996


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19th Century Boards in 21st Century World
by David Neidert
Category: Boards / Effectiveness
Are You Using the Power of Assessments & Audits?
by Larry D. Lauer
Category: Communications / Surveys & Focus Groups
Can Elected Officials Serve on NP Boards?*
by D. Benson Tesdahl
Category: Law & Taxation / Elected Officials
Demystifying Receipting of Charitable Gifts
by Gammon & Grange
Category: Law & Taxation / Gift Receipts
Do You Need to Rebuild Your Org. to Survive in the 3rd Mille*
by Douglas Cameron
Category: Management / Rebuilding Org.
How Are NPs Using Business Ventures? Advice from the Front
by Budd, Jeff
Category: Enterprise / Business Ventures
How to Alienate a Good Donor
by Dalluge, Harlan
Category: Fundraising / Donor Relations
How You & Other NPs Are Using Technology
by American Fundware
Category: Computers / Survey
Revolution of the Heart by Bill Shore*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Revolution of Heart
What Makes Foundations Different?*
by Lisa Wyatt Knowlton
Category: Fundraising / Foundations

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