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Nonprofit World: March-April 1989


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Advisory Council: an Underutilized Resource
by Swanson, Andrew
Category: Boards / Advisory Councils
Anatomy of a New Nonprofit Venture
by Wilson, Leslie
Category: Enterprise / Ventures
Cash Budgets
by Razek, Joseph
Category: Accounting / Fin. Management
Consolidation: A Nonprofit Success Story
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Consolidation
Consolidation: A NP Success Story
Category: Management / Profiles in Excellence
Keys to Collaboration & Merger
by Merchant, Kathryn
Category: Planning / Merging
New Gift Receipt & Record Keeping Rules
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Donations
Nonprofit Services: What Are They Worth?
by Lant, Jeffrey
Category: Personnel / Service Charges
Raising Money Through Special Events
by Temme, Jim
Category: Fundraising / Special Events
The Power of Professional Purpose: Leading Change
by Fritz, Roger
Category: Personnel / Change
Too Precious to Lose: Guarding Against Static
by Archibald, Dale
Category: Computers / Data Protection

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