Nonprofit World: April-June 2022


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Do You Need Job Descriptions for Your Board Members?

Robinson, Andy

Is a job description really necessary?

Law & Taxation

Is Founder Liable for Future Wrongdoing?

Kramer, Don

Are you responsible for malfeasance at an organization after you leave it?


A Merger Can Be a Great Opportunity

Miller, Gregory

Are you missing a powerful way to strengthen your organization?


Five Website Features that May Be Working against You

Yurick, Molly

Make sure your site works for your visitors.


Gain More Gifts with a Matching-Funds Offer

Brooks, Jeff

A match offer can create an almost magical boost in funding.


What's Most Important in a Board Member?

Eber Davis, Karen

When recruiting board members, what should you look for first?


Crafting Good Job Descriptions for Your Volunteers

McCurley, Steve & Rick Lynch

Ask these questions to create powerful job descriptions.

Relevant Reviews

Rethinking Our Place in the Economy

Fernsler, Terrence

Three books provide a rare, insightful economic perspective on nonprofits.


The Five Biggest Teamwork Ills & How to Avoid Them

Moussa, Mario, et al.

Be careful not to make any of these deadly mistakes when building your team.


Shape a Culture of Trust: The Foundation of a Successful Workplace

Grassl, Walt

Begin with these cornerstones to build a culture of trust.


The Risky Six: Keys to Shed Fear & Take Smart Risks

Wang, Lei

Use these practices to overcome fear and help your organization be the best it can be.


Have You Mastered these Tenets of Leadership Intelligence?

Graziano, Magi

Today's world requires three core components for you to evolve as a leader.


Get Energized! Create Energy in Your Virtual Meetings

DeFinis, Angela

Engage people and spur them to action even if you aren't connecting in person.


Are You Reaping the True Rewards of Social Media?

Hager, Mark & Rachel Nova

A research study provides answers, insights, and solutions.


Today's Top Leadership Trends - and How to Meet Them

Leadership Development Group

The past few years have transformed the world of work. Take charge of these changes by riding the latest trends into the future.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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