Nonprofit World: April-June 2021


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Law & Taxation

What Can You Do about a Bounced Donation Check?

Kramer, Don

What are your options if a donor's check is returned for nonpayment?


How Can You Write a Compelling Query Letter?

Howlett, Susan & Renee Bourque

Many funders make decisions based on the query letter alone. Be sure you make a good impression.


Preparing for #GivingTuesday: Questions to Ask before You Participate

Temkin, Terrie

Does #GivingTuesday fit with your plans? If you're not sure, ask yourself these 10 questions.


Ramp Up Your Mailing List to Reap More Funds

Flanagan, Rachel

Target donors for more effective fundraising.


Your Board Can Help You Gain Major Gifts

Perry, Gail

Your board holds the key to major gifts. Here's how to enlist their help.

Law & Taxation

How Will the New Stimulus Act Affect You?

Steinberg, Andrew L.

Many nonprofits are still struggling with financial problems due to COVID-19. This new law is designed to help.


Ten Ways to Provide Value to a Business Partner & Income to Your Nonprofit

Eber Davis, Karen

The more goals you can help corporations meet, the more eager they'll be to partner with you for mutual benefit.

Relevant Reviews

It's Time to Challenge Nonprofit Norms

Fernsler, Terrence

Nonprofits must find a balance between organizational permanence and social change.


Spark New Ideas Throughout Your Organization

Blue, Steve

You need a creative edge in this turbulent world. Here are six ways to assure it.


Say Yes to Solving the Problem

Williams, Todd

When your project gets into trouble, use these problem-solving keys to get back on track.


Are Your Training Goals in Alignment? Four Keys

Riley, Cordell

Be sure you connect your training with your overall goals.


Get Closer to Supporters than Ever Before: How to Make Connections & Boost Action

Schwartz, Nancy

These four doable methods will help you have more meaningful connections with the people who matter most.


Seven Kinds of Listeners & How to Approach Them

Curcillo, Joe

Appeal to all seven types of listeners to be sure everyone understands your message.


Create a Thriving Organizational Culture

Alison Wekelo, Kerry

If you want happy, productive employees, build a people-focused culture.


Life after the Pivot: Storytelling to Refresh Your Nonprofit Outreach

Hundshamer, Yvonne

In today's shifting landscape, have you found new ways to connect?


How to Hold a Virtual Fundraising Event (or Webinar) Using Zoom

Sumac Research

Online fundraising events can be great money-makers. Get started with these tips.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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