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Nonprofit World: April-June 2018


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Law & Taxation

Can You Lobby for a Cause You Believe In?

Kramer, Don

Is it legal for a nonprofit to try to change the law?


Should You Ask Donors for an Exact Amount?

Warwick, Mal

Is it better to solicit a specific or a general amount of money?


E-Mail Mistakes that Could Be Damaging Your Fundraising Efforts

Ansbacher, Peter

Raise more funds and gain more supporters by avoiding these common errors


What Are the Three Most Boring Words in Fundraising?

Perry, Gail

If you want to raise money with your appeal letter, avoid these words like the pox.


Exit Interviews: When Board Members Say Good-bye

Weisman, Carol

Never pass up this opportunity. It's pure gold.


Grow Your Organization by Hiring Nurturing Leaders?

Sreenivasan, Shoba & Linda E. Weinberger

Are you better off with a "masculine" or "feminine" leadership style?

Law & Taxation

Triggering Minimum Wage and Overtime with the Swipe of a Credit Card

Lambrou Johnson, Christine

If your employees use credit cards on the job, be aware of the risks. Here's how to avoid costs and penalties.


How to Solve the Biggest Problem with Corporate Giving

Eber Davis, Karen

Is lack of knowledge holding you back? Here's how to gain the insight you need.


Inside Out: A Fresh Perspective on Finding Volunteers

Schweyer, Lisa Kay

When you look with new eyes, the possibilities are boundless. Use these tips to get started.


For Our 35th Anniversary: 35 Ways to Enhance Your Life, Your Organization, & Your Leadership Prowess

Muehrcke, Jill

Try a few of these today. Circle others to explore in the coming days, weeks, and months, and add them to your calendar so you don't forget.


Fighting Harassment & Improving Inclusion

Annis, Jim

Preventing sexual harassment goes hand in hand with increasing inclusion. Both offer great benefits (while staving off costly lawsuits).


Creating a Culture of Productivity

Bloom, Eric

Do you and your organization possess these six crucial attributes?


The Real Impact of Your Leadership

Latson, Alesia

Do others see you as you see yourself? Do you need to make some changes to create better results?


Embrace Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice

Mertz, Jon

Mindful leadership will keep you advancing, innovating, and building for the future.


Is Your Coworker a Jerk, or Does He Need a Doctor?

Jaurequi, Barbara

Understanding people's behavior will keep the workplace running smoothly.


Avoid the Selfish Factor: Plan for Succession with Four Simple Rules

Santora, Joseph C. & Gil Bozer

Don't put your organization at risk. Follow these guidelines to avert a dangerous leadership gap.


Being a Force for Good with Advanced Analytics

Raghavan, Sri V.

Data analysis can lead to amazing insights and solutions to complex problems.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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