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Nonprofit World: April-June 2016


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Are You Telling the Right Story about Your Liquidity?
by Klumpp, Lee & Adam Cole
What's the best way to describe your organization's liquidity?
Diving Into the Hispanic Donor Pool
by Anderson, Randall
Tips for Gaining and Keeping Hispanic Donors
Emeritus Board Members: The How, the Why, the Art
by Weisman, Carol
When should you give the "emeritus" title to a board member?
Is a Personalized Letter Always Better?
by Warwick, Mal
Is "Dear Friend" ever good enough?
Must You Spend a Certain Amount of Your Endowment?
by Kramer, Don
What are the rules for a nonprofit's endowment funds?
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Should Crowdfunding Be Part of Your Toolbox?
by Wittenberg, Diane
This form of raising funds can bestow great benefits - with the right planning.
The Top Five Digital Tools You Should Be Using Right Now
by Streeter, Dan & Tim Brown
If you aren't using these apps, consider trying them.
To Gain Passionate Supporters, Try a Fantasy Camp
by Mitchell, Mark & Emily Barrow
People want to experience your organization's inner workings. Immerse them!
TRUST - The Ultimate Value
by Rafe, Stephen C.
How trustworthy is your organization? Rate yourself.
Using Marketing to Create Widespread Change
by Fernsler, Terrence
These strategies and tools can help you find the best solutions to your most vexing problems.
Volunteer Screening: Changing Trends in Changing Times
by Zwetzig, Katie
Are your screening practices in line with other organizations? A new survey provides an in-depth view.
What the Heck Are You Trying to Say?
by Russell, Max T.
Why are nonprofits so bad at delivering messages? What's the remedy?
Wow People with Your Digital Material
by Flood, Victoria
High-quality digital content is scarce. That's why you can be a hero by providing it.
X + Y = $ A Primer on Generational Philanthropy
by Herrell, Renee C.
Did you know that Generations X and Y constitute $38.3 billion a year in charitable contributions?

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