Nonprofit World: March-April 2011


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Law & Taxation

When Companies Donate Property to Auctions

Kramer, Don

What deductions can corporations claim when giving products to a charity auction?


Should You Recruit Corporate Leaders as Board Members?

Weisman, Carol

What if board and staff members disagree about whom to recruit for your board? Is there a middle ground?


Reach New Supporters with Multichannel Tools

Bhagat, Vinay

Integrate these new channels into all your organization's efforts.


Top Five Tips to Improve Direct-Mail Fundraising & Cement Your Future*

Renda, Brian J.

Unlock new donor dollars with these proven tactics.

Know-How Network

Nine Ways to Change Your World

LaBrosse, Michelle

Use these tools to turn your vision into reality.

Global Thinking

Going Global: Leading Through Culture Clash

Switzer, Merlin

Global success depends on both the leader and organization. Here are some lessons to pave your way.


Creating Opportunities to Innovate

Bernacki, Ed

Turn your organization into an idea factory.


Twenty Ingredients for a Successful Collaboration*

Redfield, Mark B., Jr.

Research clarifies what's needed when planning a strategic alliance.


Red, Yellow, or Green: Which Kind of Leader Are You?

Flores, Jimmie, Ruby Rouse, and Richard Shuttler

New research highlights the need for better communication strategies - and ways to improve.


Is Hiring a Coach a Good Investment?

Sugars, Brad

Guide your decision with these questions.


Your Strategic Plan Sleeps in a Drawer

Glasrud, Bruce

Don't let it happen to you. These tips will keep your plan alive and awake.


Three Things to Do with Old Marketing and Fundraising Materials*

Fogel, Elaine

When it's time to create new materials, here's how to big the old ones good-bye.


The Millennium Generation and the End of Charity

Egger, Robert

Are you ready for a new generation of nonprofit leaders?


Morale Problem? Look in the Mirror

Clemmer, Jim

Here are concrete ways you can improve staff motivation and boost productivity.

Law & Taxation

Who Pays Your Bills? What Nonprofits Need to Know about the Foreign Agents Registration Act

Wilson, D.E., Jr., and Andrew E. Bigart

Be sure you're not risking fines and jail time.

Relevant Reviews

Change Happens*

Fernsler, Terrence

To cope with change, you must understand the stages people experience on their way to accepting and embracing it.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs*


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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