Nonprofit World: March-April 2010


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Do You Need to Pay for a Feasibility Study?

Vogel, Jeane

Is it worth paying for a feasibility study, or can you perform one on your own?

Law & Taxation

When Can You Use Restricted Funds for Other Purposes?

Kramer, Don

Can a nonprofit borrow from "designated funds" to pay other bills?


Helping Donors Choose YOUR Organization: Using Image Theory to Change People's Minds

Schimmel, Kurt, Darlene Motley, and Michele Cole

Jumpstart your fundraising efforts with this new model for understanding donor behavior.


Double Vision: Two Views of Success

Zimmerman, Joel

If you view your vision in only one dimension, your planning is destined to fail. Use this strategy for success.


Service Learning: Informing the Science & Art of Leadership*

Jordan, Mark & Bob Orwig

Groundbreaking research highlights ways to partner with students to strengthen nonprofit leadership.


Need a CPA at Little or No Cost? Five Ways to Find Help

Topp, Carol

Here's how to find the right accounting professional to volunteer for your organization.


How to Reach Agreement in Your Organization

Enand, Monica

Here's how to streamline consensus-building to increase productivity and propel your organization to greatness.

Law & Taxation

New IRS Employment Tax Initiative: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits?

Lubar, Jessica R.

Be sure you're adhering to the law when it comes to paying employment taxes.


Turn Your Board Members into Strong Owners*

Eadie, Doug

Bring your strategic plan to life by involving your board.

Law & Taxation

How to Manage Unemployment Claims

Zhang, Fan, & Brian H. Kleiner

Cut costs and reduce liability with these steps


Stop & Think Before You Click OK

Levinson, Nick

Be wary - very way - whenever you agree to anything online.


I've Been Thinking about ... Maximizing Volunteer Participation

Golensky, Martha

Are you making the best use of volunteers? Is it worth it to accomodate those who can participate only in a limited way?

Relevant Reviews

Leading in a Diverse Society*

Fernsler, Terrence

Put the contributions of other cultures to work in your organization.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs*


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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