Nonprofit World: March-April 2009


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Future Trends

New Day in Washington, New Day for Nonprofits?

Kramer, Don

With a new President and historic new era beginning, what's in store for the nonprofit sector?


Three Magic Questions for Your Board

Oliver, Erika A.

Ask these questions, listen to the answers, and watch participation soar.


Raising Funds in an Uncertain Economy*

Pitman, Marc A.

Don't make these fatal errors.


Five Strategies to Enhance Your Fundraising

Kahl, Sarah H.B. & Ann Thomas

Here are ways to use the slow economy to your advantage.


Strengthen Your Bottom Line: What to Do and What to Avoid

Muehrcke, Jill

Here are tested do's and don'ts for confronting the economic downturn.


The Most Important Question for You to Ask*

McKain, Scott

No, it's not how to cut costs. It's something else entirely.


Boosting Visibility: Getting the Most from Print Communications

Kotas Eng, Jessica

To receive the greatest impact for your communication dollar, use these keys.

Building Capacity

Avoid Headaches: Engage Your Employees

Spencer, Summer

It's as simple as asking three questions - and listening for answers


How Jargon Undermines Communication*

Sea, Ivy

Are you a victim of Vapidity Syndrome? Take this quiz to find out.

Law & Taxation

Are You Risking a Negligent-Retention Lawsuit?

Klaassen, Michael & Brian H. Kleiner

Hiring with care isn't enough. You also have to retain with care.


How to Make Social-Media Fundraising Work for You

Days, Frank

Use people-to-people tools to create deep, deep bonds with donors, old and new.


I've Been Thinking about Leadership in Turbulent Times*

Golensky, Martha

Faced with many pressures, how does a nonprofit executive lead effectively? Who nurtures the nurturer?


From the Brink of Disaster: Five Steps to a Healthy Organization

Bernstein, Gary M.

Whether or not your organization is in trouble, follow these five steps to be sure you're on track.


Make Good Use of the Treasurer & Finance Committee

Barr, Kate

Don't waste these valuable resources.

Book Reviews

Work as a Human Activity*

Fernsler, Terrence

How well do you balance these three workplace essentials?

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