Nonprofit World: March-April 2008


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Is It OK to Design Unique Stationery for Holiday Fundraising?*

Warwick, Mal

Which will gain a better result - a letter on special or standard stationery?

Law & Taxation

Can Property-Use Donors Claim Deductions?

Kramer, Don

If a family lends out their home for a nonprofit retreat, can they claim a deduction?


I've Been Thinking about Board Governance

Golensky, Martha

New research offers clues to improving the board-executive relationship


How to Energize Your Thank-You Letter*

Rees, Sandy

The thank-you letter should be your first step toward gaining your next gift. Here are 10 ideas to vitalize it.


When It's Time for a Turnaround

Katz, Robert D.

Follow these steps to transform your organization and ensure a successful future.


Will and Vision: Keys to Advancing Your Organization

Lemberg, Paul

These may be the two most important one-word concepts going. Find out what they can do for your organization.


The Nonprofit Sector Doesn't Exist*

Ruebottom, Trish

Going beyond a new definition, this author advocates fresh roles, solutions, and a whole different society. Is it time for you to change your strategies?


25 Ways to Cut Costs

Muehrcke, Jill

How many do you use?


The Board-Savvy CEO

Eadie, Doug

Is your CEO a board-astute leader? Here's how to tell.

Know-How Network

Five Project-Management Myths*

LaBrosse, Michelle

Here's how to dodge some common barriers to getting things done.

Building Capacity

Creating Nonprofit Excellence through Capacity Building

Newborn, Tangie

Capacity building - what is it really? Are you a capacity builder?


Online Fundraising Success Factors

Austin, Gene

Don't forget these important measures when assessing online fundraising success. If you do, you may be selling your efforts short.

Law & Taxation

Where to Find Free Legal Assistance*

O'Connor, Allyn M.

Use these practical tips to get legal help at no charge.

Law & Taxation

Making Real Estate Work for Nonprofits

Gentilucci, Richard

Take these steps to reap the rewards of real-estate development.

Book Reviews

How to Enjoy Fundraising*

Fernsler, Terrence

These books will help take the fear out of asking for money.

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