Nonprofit World: March-April 2007


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Are you Exposing Your Online Donors to Credit-Card Thieves?
by Crooke, David
Before you accept donations online, be sure people's credit-card numbers are secure.
Are Your Cost Allocations Up-to-Date?*
by Williams, Colleen
You should review your methods at least once a year. Here's what you need to know.
Be Nice, Even When They Say No*
by Swanson, Robert G.
Are you following the fourth rule of fundraising?
Can Standing Committees Contribute to High-Impact Governing?
by Eadie, Doug
It may sound mundane, but it's at the heart of effective boards.
Collaborating Made Easy*
by Fernsler, Terrence
How to make collaboration work in the real world.
Defining Your Leader Brand
by Shenkman, Michael
Do you know your personal brand and how to communicate it?
Don't Overlook Your Best Successor
by Santora, Joseph C.
Are you making any of these fatal mistakes?
How Much Money Should You Put in Reserve?
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
What percentage of income should be put in a reserve fund?
Legislative Breakfasts: Building Relationships with State Legislators
Here's how to make your voice heard. It's as simple as picking up the phone.
Making Business Connections Work for You*
by Kiley, Paul
Here's how to triumph over the four barriers to productive relationships.
Nonprofit Boards Face Potential Salary Disclosure*
by Korenek, Jill E.
Are you complying with new Form 990 rules?
Using Allocated Funds
by Kramer, Don
If funds are earmarked for a specific purpose, can you use them for anything else?
When It's Time to Find a Printer
by Goerth, Steve
These five tips will make it easier.

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