Nonprofit World: March-April 2005


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Breaking Down Barriers for People with Disabilities*
by Sexton, Shirley & A. Knudsen
Category: Computers / Disabilities
Creating a Values-Based Road Map
by Smergut, Peter
Category: Management / Values
E-mail Deliverability: Increases Your Chances of E-mail Getting Through
by Crooke, David
Category: Computers / Email
Four Steps to Evaluation Success
by Minnis, William
Category: Management / Evaluation
How to Obtain More Bequests
by Schoenhals, G. Roger
Category: Fundraising / Planned Giving
Lessons from the Sports World*
by Mitchell, Mark & R. Orwig
Category: Management / Sports/Team
Seconds-in-Command as Logical Heir Apparents
by Santora, Joseph
Category: Personnel / Succession
What Makes Today's Nonprofit Leader?*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Leadership
When It's Time to Say Good-by: How to Discharge Workers without Legal Hassles*
by Kleiner, Brian & R. Taratanavat
Category: Law & Taxation / Discharge
Where Can You Find the Marketing Resources You Need?
by Fox, Karen
Category: Marketing / Resources

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