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Nonprofit World: March-April 2004


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Focus on Your Customers as Well as Your Clients
by Boschee, Jerr
Category: Enterprise / Customers
Is The Board Secretary Obsolete?*
by Weisman, Carol
Category: Boards / Secretary
Leading the Transformation of Boards*
by Werther, William & Evan Berman
Category: Boards / Evolution
Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Anatomy of a Creative Brief
by Spink, Bill
Category: Fundraising / Creative Briefs
Nonprofits without Audit Committees Risk Disaster
by Owen, John R., III
Category: Finances / Audit Committees
Secrets of Successful Innovation*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Successful Innovation
Success Starts with Your Name
by Murley, Kevin
Category: Marketing / Branding
Surviving Fundraising on the Internet*
by Epner, Steve
Category: Fundraising / Internet
What's Wrong with "Thank You"? - Plenty
by Levinson, Nick
Category: Volunteers / Management

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