Nonprofit World: March-April 1999


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Alliances Are Not Mergers: What Problems Should You Expect?*
by Teitler, Maxine Marks
Category: Management / Alliances
Conflict of Interest in the Board Room
by Fram, Eugene & Judy Withers
Category: Boards / Conflict of Interest
Emotional Intelligence at Work*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Workplace
Fear of Feelings: Dealing with Emotions in Public Speaking
by Keller, Thomas K.
Category: Communications / Speaking
How Big a Gift Should you Ask For?
by Warwick, Mal
Category: Fundraising / Asking
How Can I Find More Donors?
by Alford, Jimmie
Category: Fundraising / Donors
How to Write Your Business Plan
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Enterprise / Business Plan
Marketing Your Web Site with Search Engines
by Roufa, Mike
Category: Computers / Web Site
Opinion Surveys Uncover Cultural Preferences*
by Coolsen, Peter
Category: Global Thinking / Cultural Biases
The 10 Media Trends that Will Drive Your Future*
by Muehrcke, Jill
Category: Communications / Media Trends
Why Ethics Tools Don't Work
by Schaefer, Arthur & A Zaller
Category: Ethics / Tools

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