Nonprofit World: January-February 1989


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Boost Performance with Part-Time Professionals
by Rothberg, Diane
Category: Personnel / Part-Time Professionals
Budgetary Control Reports
by Razek, Joseph & S. Price
Category: Accounting / Fin. Management
Irresponsible Nonprofits Face Federal Aid Cutoff
Category: Law & Taxation / Federal Aid
Joint Ventures: Teaming Up with For-Profits
by Bryce, Herrington
Category: Enterprise / Joint Ventures
Let 'Em Know What You're Doing Now
by Maddalena, Lucille
Category: Public Relations / Notification
Planning a Board Retreat
by Swanson, Andrew
Category: Boards / Retreats
Program Power: Building Effective Programs
by Van Deusen, John et al.
Category: Planning / Program Development
Program Power: Building Effective Programs
by Van Deusen, John et. al.
Category: Profiles in Excellence / Program Development
Putting Your Plan into Action
by Espy, Siri
Category: Planning / Strategic Plans
Too Precious to Lose: Backing Up Your Data
by Archibald, Dale
Category: Computers / Data Protection
Use Your Fundraising Campaign to Increase Planned Giving
by Ashton, Debra
Category: Fundraising / Planned Giving

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