Nonprofit World: January-March 2022


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What's the Best Way to Approach a Major-Gift Prospect?

Perry, Gail

What do you say to someone who's not a major donor but who could be one?


Does a Grant Writer Need to Register?

Kramer, Don

Does the law require registration for grant writers?


Is Your Legacy Society Dreary Or Dynamic?

Meyerhoff, Claire

A legacy society can be one of your best fundraising tools. Make it the best it can be.


The New & Future Boardroom: A Recap & Predictions for the Coming Year

Banner, Jeb

A recent survey shines light on how boards and their meetings are changing.


Reap More Online Donations: Five Steps to a Better Website

Buck, Andrew

Don't miss this easy way to gain supporters.


Do You Have Strategic Pain Or a Strategic Plan? Answer These Questions to Find Out

Eber Davis, Karen

Simplify decision-making by using a strategy to guide you every day.


Mining for Superpowers: How to Find the Skills You Need through CSR & Volunteerism

Parekh, Sima

Corporations can be your best partners. It's up to you to reach out.

Relevant Reviews

Transforming Communities from the Inside Out

Fernsler, Terrence

Three books focus on building holistic communities that work for everyone.


How to Get Your Message Across the Border

Baird, Matt

You'll find a wealth of supporters around the globe. Be sure they get the right message.


Have You Reaped the Benefits of the Great Boom in Giving?

Galer, Donna & Al Decker

If you organization hasn't shared in the surge in donations these past few years, here are some things to think about.


Well Suited: A Practical Approach to Understanding Personalities

Kimlat, Kostya

Here's a way to get a quick read on people - it works like magic!


Find Ways to Innovate - But First Move Past Inertia

Cooper, Gabe

If you want your organization to thrive, you must embrace meaningful, lasting change.


When Employees Disappoint: How Effective Leaders Respond

Latson, Alesia

Don't let disappointment derail your employee relationships. Instead, use it as an opportunity.


Moments Matter: A Three-Part Strategy to Leverage Your Time

Johnson, Jill J.

You probably don't think about time management very often. Yet everything else depends on it.


The Perils of Problem-Solving & How to Dodge Them

Phelps, Corey

Use these tactics to find the best solutions.


Why Succession Planning Is an Outdated Concept - & What to Do Instead

Ranea Forbes, Miecha

You still have to plan - but here's a better way.

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Nonprofit Briefs


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