Nonprofit World: January-February 1986


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A Sampler for Smaller Nonprofits
by Wrolstad, Marwin
Category: Enterprise / Small Projects
Budgeting for a Volunteer Program
by Ellis, Susan
Category: Volunteers / Budgeting
Budgeting for a Volunteer Program
by Ellis, Susan
Category: Accounting / Volunteers
Electing Your Board
Category: Boards / Elections
Financial Reporting by Nonprofit Organizations
by Robbins, Walter
Category: Accounting / Fin. Reports
First Things First: The Mision Statement
by Swanson, Andrew
Category: Boards / Planning
Increase Your Organization's Public Recognition & Support
by Zappone, Donald
Category: Public Relations / Recognition
Local Area Networks: High Technology/Anxiety
by Rosales, Emmanuel
Category: Computers / Networks
Nonprofits' Future Dictated by "Commercialism"
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Enterprise / Commercialism
Nonprofits' Future Dictated by Commercialism
by Hopkins, Bruce
Category: Law & Taxation / Commercialism
On-Target Acquisition with Market Research
by Linehan, Kathleen
Category: Fundraising / Marketing
Tax Considerations: A Review
by Wrolstad, Marwin
Category: Enterprise / Taxation
Universities Offer Marketing Research Key
by De Los Santos, Gilberto
Category: Marketing

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