Nonprofit World: January-March 2020


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How Can You Get Board Members to Keep Their Promises?

Robinson, Andy

Poor follow-through is a problem on many boards. Here's how to fix it.

Law & Taxation

Is Gift for Earmarked Computer Deductible?

Kramer, Don

How should a donor's gift to his partner be treated?


Simple Tips to Nail Your Online Fundraising

Perry, Gail

Convert web visitors into donors with these foolproof tactics.


Three Keys to Building Relationships in Life (and with Your Donors)

Shefska, Zach

What's the best way to foster meaningful connections? These simple techniques hold the secret.


Create a Diverse Board: Move from Intention to Action

Brennan, Molly

Enriching your board-member pool will make your board smarter and more productive.


Sustainable Forever: How to Develop Income for the Long Term

Eber Davis, Karen

These case studies show how any nonprofit can become financially empowered.

Law & Taxation

Are Your Special Events in Compliance?

Wooten, Tommy and Marilyn Young

Fundraising events can give rise to complex tax problems. These suggestions will help.


Don't Neglect Your Departing Volunteers

Lockwood Herman, Melanie

Former volunteers can be your best champions. Stay in touch, and be ready to welcome them back.


Serve This, Not That: Beware the Consequences of Serving the Wrong Thing

Stuckrath, Tracy

If you choose the wrong menu, repercussions can be grave.


Increase Your Organization's Influence in Just 15 Minutes a Month

Kihlstedt, Andrea

This simple idea will be transformative.


How to Improve Inter-Generational Decision-Making

Johnson, Jill

When decisions are made by different generations, how can you assure they all pull together?


Are You Born with It? Or Can You Learn It?

Davis, Emily

Do you have these key proficiencies? If not, can you acquire them?


Change Is All Around You: How Can You Tame It?

Somodi, Tom

To get a handle on change, you need to look at it in a new way.


Outsourcing: One of the Most Underused Tools for Small & Mid-Sized Nonprofits

Hamilton, Tina

Outsourcing your HR functions can reduce turnover, build morale, and avoid costly lawsuits.


Risks Get Riskier for Nonprofits: ERM Can Help

Galer, Donna & Al Decker

Follow these five steps to protect against damage and loss.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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