Nonprofit World: January-March 2018


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How Many Donors Can You Expect to Renew Their Gifts?

Warwick, Mal

What's the average donor retention rate? Is there a way to increase it?


Can You Change Bank Signatories?

Kramer, Don

Is it OK for a nonprofit leader to make changes at the bank without the board's approval?


Building the Best-in-Class Tech Suite for Your Organization

Keates, Lauren

It's time to rethink how you manage your technology. Tap into this modern Renaissance.


The Perfect Gift for a Major Donor

Weisman, Carol

To forge unbreakable bonds, show your gratitude in memorable ways.


Three Vital Questions for Your Board

Perry, Gail

If your board doesn't know the answers, you need a new way to give them information.

Law & Taxation

Is Your Nonprofit Compliant with State Registration & Audit Rules?

Sharpstone, Lewis

Did you know that 13 states consider the "donate" button on a nonprofit's website an act of active solicitation? Find out what that means for your organization.


Making Much of Little: Turning Untapped Assets into Gold

Eber Davis, Karen

Many nonprofits devise amazing ways to earn income. You can, too, with this technique.


Keep the Main Thing Up Front

Russell, Max T.

If you want people to read your communications, lead with the main message.


Maintaining a Teenage Volunteer Network

Seides, Josh

How to manage a large system of teenage volunteers without the large hassle.


Mitigate Cyber Risks with the Right Security Controls

Moschovitis, Chris

What are the right controls for your organization? Here's how to be sure.


How to Use Gossip as a Productivity Tool

Flaxington, Beverly

You can't eliminate gossip in the workplace. But you can turn it from a time-waster into a positive source of ideas.


Why Clutter Hurts Your Leadership & What to Do About It

Hemphill, Barbara

Getting a handle on clutter isn't a trivial matter. It can be revolutionary.


Let's Take the Mystery Out of Training Millenials

Hackel, Evan

These actionable tips will make training more effective.


PSAs Are Not "Announcements"

Husak, Chuck

The world of PSAs is changing, making it easier to connect with more people.


Do You Need a Translator? Make Sure People Understand Your Message

Baird, Matt

Be certain that people from other cultures get the point of your communications.


A Path to Stronger Programs, Greater Engagement, and Less Burnout?

Patterson, Rachel

Burnout can devastate your workplace. Here are ways to conquer it and make your organization more effective.


Rest Your Weary Fingers - Voice Activation Is Coming to a CRM Near You

Oechsle, John

A future once at our fingertips now rests at the tips of our tongues.

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