Nonprofit World: January-March 2017


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How to Keep from Losing Donors: A Self-Assessment

Maclean, Charles

Take this brief quiz to see if you're doing all you can to keep valuable donors and win back those you lose.

Law & Taxation

How Do You Avoid Liability after Name Change?

Kramer, Don

Can changing your name lead to legal problems?

Law & Taxation

Conference in Another State: Will Sales Tax Apply?

Temkin, Terrie

Must you pay taxes if you hold your conference in a different state?


Integrate Social Media into your Website

Jensen, Dana

Try these ideas to boost relationships with supporters.


Do Your Volunteer Surveys Miss the Point?

Ellis, Susan J.

Can you trust the answers to your surveys? Is there a way to put the results to good use?


Cracking the Diverse-Income Code

Eber Davis, Karen

For greater sustainability, diversify your income.


Does 100% Board Giving Matter?

Davis, Emily

It's a common question - and it's vital to know the answer.


Truth is Better than Hype

Russell, Max T.

Resist the urge to exaggerate, and your message will be stronger.


Seven Questions You Must Address to Thrive in the Digital Age

Hemphill, Barbara

Avoid frustration, loss, waste, and information disasters with these pointers.


Are You Offering the Right Perks?

Knight, V., McAfee, T. & Kleiner, B.

A well-planned incentive program will boost productivity.


New Rule Changes the Way You'll Report Financial Information

Fusco, Kim

Get ready to make some changes in the way you prepare your financial statements. Here's a rundown of the new accounting standard.


The Great Generational Shift: How Will It Transform Your Workplace?

Tulgan, Bruce

Be sure you're prepared for epic changes to come.


How to Overcome Your Top Four HR Challenges

Creative Business Resources

To keep workers happy and avoid legal problems, take these tips to heart.


Using Design to Tell Your Story

Kudos, John

Whatever your design project, you can make it a success with these keys.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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