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Nonprofit World: January-March 2016


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14 Questions to Ask before You Hire an Attorney
by Gammon & Grange
Do you need a lawyer? If so, how do you find the right one?
Common-Sense Answers about Volunteer Involvement
by Ellis, Susan
An expert on volunteer engagement shares her experiences and answers some questions.
Developing Your Organizational Team
by Fernsler, Terrence
This reader-friendly handbook provides the essentials for managing your most vital resource.
Do You Want to Change the World?
by Eber Davis, Karen
Will people pay for that?
Healing Governance Ills Requires the Right Diagnosis
by Mueller, Jim
Here are four of the most common board problems - and how to solve them.
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Planning for Digital Longevity
by Sareen, Himanshu
The keys? A good plan and outreach to stakeholders.
Success through Engaged High-Level Board Members
by Hoffman, Bill
Learn the details of this signpost for success.
The Best Leaders Are Change Agents
by Ritter, Carol S.
Use this checklist to be sure you're prepared for the changes to come.
The Most Deadly Fundraising Mistake
by Minges, John
Be sure you never make this disastrous error.
The Story Behind the Numbers: How Financial Information Showcases Your Impact
by Jakosz, Frank
It's all about the story - and the way you tell it.
Three Tools for Managing Your Calendar
by Sample Ward, Amy
Keep on top of your schedule, and plan meetings quickly and easily.
What Can You Do with a Rubber-Stamp Board?
by Weisman, Carol
Is there anything you can do to add life to a lackluster board?
When Using Fundraising Pages, Must You Register in Every State?
by Kramer, Don
When others fundraise for you, do you need to register wherever they might solicit?

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