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Nonprofit World: January-March 2015


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Board Problems Reflected in Training Requests
by Temkin, Terrie
What training is appropriate for board members?
Create a Donation Page that Rocks
by Perry, Gail
Are you making it easy for people to donate money on your Web site?
Do Your Board Members Know Their Fiduciary Responsibilities?
by Bartholomew, Nat
A surprising number of board members don't fully understand their legal and ethical duties.
Fill Your Organization with Talented People
by Rolo Gonz?lez, Raquel
Here are keys to a high-performing group who will work tirelessly to fulfill your organization's goals.
Finding Value and Income Where You Least Expect It
by Eber Davis, Karen
What seems like a loss can be an unimaginable gain.
Four Steps to Manage Vendors and Reduce Fraud
by Gentenaar, Kelly & Steven Solomon
Are your vendors putting your organization at risk? Follow these steps to minimize the danger.
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Surviving Obamacare
by Appelbaum, Joseph
With a Proactive Mindset, Nonprofits Need Not "Fear the Reaper"
The Cloud: Software Transformation & Evolution of the Workforce
by Liddle, Emily
As Millenial workers become common, you need to transform your way of doing business.
The Mission Myth
by Maloney, Deirdre
Is it possible to focus too much on your organization's mission?
Three Tools to Manage Your Projects
by Sample Ward, Amy
Use these keys to find a tool that works for you.
Transformational Leadership
by Fernsler, Terrence
Unleash new possibilities for leadership in your organization.
What Kind of Team Leader are You?
by Rafe, Stephen C.
Here are the hallmarks of a good team leader and keys to put them to use.
What to Do If Your Grant Isn't Approved
by Mann, Valerie J.
Don't despair. It could be the first step to a better future.

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