Nonprofit World: January-March 2014


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How Can You Increase Your Donor Retention Rate?*

Warwick, Mal

Be sure your donors keep on giving.

Law & Taxation

Can You Raise Money by Selling Ads?

Kramer, Don

Is advertising income permissible for a nonprofit organization?


Implementing Lean for Nonprofits

Hird, LaChel & Gayle Noakes

What is "lean" and how can it help your organization?


Three Tools for Personal Content Management

Sample Ward, Amy

These free apps will help you and your organization be more efficient.


What's in a Name? Benefits of the President/CEO Title*

Fram, Eugene

Is it time to change your organizational title?


Exercising Board Leadership with Social Media

Conway, Marion

Board members can make a huge impact through social media. All it takes is a few minutes a day.


Transform Your Impact: Funding that Gets Results

Eber Davis, Karen

Ensure a steady income for your organization with this new model.

Law & Taxation

Does Your Retirement Plan Pass the Test?

Sivak, Christine & Craig C. Gabel

Be sure you make these changes before the IRS appears at your door.


Post-Recession Donors Have Changed*

Perry, Gail

If you want your fundraising to be successful, you've got to make some changes.

Relevant Reviews

Accomplish More with Pro Bono Services: Are You Making the Most of This Valuable Asset?*

Fernsler, Terrence

Every nonprofit should have this book.

Relevant Reviews

Get More of What You Really Want*

Fernsler, Terrence

Use this system to attain the future of your dreams.

Nonprofit Briefs

Nonprofit Briefs*


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.


Is a Cause-Related Partnership in Your Future?

Hester, John

More and more corporations are seeking partnerships with nonprofits. A cause-related partnership could amass enormous benefits for your organization.


Top Tips for Improved Leadership

Gatten Butler, Linda

Infuse your organization with high-quality leadership.

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