Nonprofit World: January-February 2013


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Building Blocks for a Successful Merger*
by Landry, Brock R., and Lisa M. Hix
Insights from experts who have handled many nonprofit mergers.
How to Answer the Dreaded Grant Question about Future Funding*
by Eber Davis, Karen
To be sure your request is funded, try one of these responses.
How to Publicize Your Organization on a Small Budget
by Oliver, Erika K.
You don't need lots of money to spread the word about your organization's cause.
I've Been Thinking about?Performance Reviews*
by Golensky, Martha
What to do - and what not to do - when reviewing performance
Jumpstart Search Traffic to Your Web Site for Free
by Dotterer, Seth
Here's a way to pump up your Web traffic and make the most of your money.
Looking for Leadership*
by Fernsler, Terrence
This book can open up new leadership possibilities for you and your community.
Nonprofit Briefs*
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Rate Yourself as a Servant Leader
by Mitchell, Mark, Kay Keels, & Michael Latta
Assess your leadership service quality, and see how to improve it.
Stay in the Money: Keep Cash Flow Problems from Derailing Your Organization
by Muehrcke, Jill
Cash flow needs to be carefully managed. Here's how.
Tap into the Passion of New Constituents with an Online Welcome Series
by Convio
Put Internet tools to work in cementing new bonds.
Tax Court: No Mercy for Donors with Inadequate Receipts
by Gammon & Grange
Court case highlights the dangers of not following charitable deduction rules.
Three Top Tips to Attract, Energize, & Retain Winning Employees
by Casullo, David
How can you get the best people on your team and keep them?
What Are the Rules for Renewing Your Tax-Exempt Status?
by Kramer, Don
Must you renew your 501(3)(3) status each year? It depends on the definition of "renew."
What Your Best Supporters Won't Tell You
by Rafe, Stephen C.
Here's a proven way to keep your organization at the forefront of change.

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