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Nonprofit World: January-February 2009


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Caution: Tough Going Ahead
by Sujansky, Joanne G.
Here's how to build a culture that will survive the hardest tests.
Four Keys to the Science of Success*
by LaBrosse, Michelle
Here's how to create your own blueprint for success.
How Good a Leader Are You?*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Compelling new research sheds light on how to lead effectively.
How Much Detail Is Needed in a Thank-You Letter?
by Warwick, Mal
When you acknowledge donors, how much information should you include?
How to Create a Strong Board-CEO Partnership*
by Eadie, Doug
This precious bond is a top key to your organization's success.
How Will the Economy Affect Giving?*
by Radford, Jim
We can garner some answers by looking backward.
Is the Board Liable for Investment Losses?
by Kramer, Don
When the stock market dips, are board members culpable for the money lost?
Leading from Feeling
by Himot, Oshana
Become a better leader by following these 10 tips
Making Sports Teams Work for You*
by Collinger, Allison
Harness America's passion for sports for the good of your organization's mission.
Money Really Can Grow on Trees
by Keefe, Linda
Are you ready to transform your organization into an income-generating money tree?
Navigating Tough Conflict of Interest Situations
by Coates Madsen, Amy
Conflicts of interest are inevitable. Don't let them derail your organization.
The Best Ways to Increase Efficiency
by Sowinski, Miriam & Zach Garretson
New research provides insights into boosting performance.
The Case for Cognitive Discrimination
by Bernacki, Ed
Do you welcome all ideas, or just the ones you agree with?
The Psychology of Giving
by Bell, Brad
Here are two simple techniques that can lead to more donors.
The Yin & Yang of Operating Reserves: What You Need to Know*
by Barr, Kate
Do you need an operating reserve? If so, how big should it be?
Using Social Media to Advance Your Goals
by Cramer, Bob
Social tools provide a revolutionary way to engage supporters. Here's what you need to know.

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