Nonprofit World: January-February 2007


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55 Direct-Mail Secrets*
by Levinson, Nick
Whether you're a direct-mail pro or novice, these proven techniques will improve your results and save you money.
Building & Organizing the Community*
by Fernsler, Terrence
If your work involves improving communities, here's some vital reading.
Compensation Reviews: More Important than You Might Think
by Siebenhaar, Michael
Will your salaries pass IRS inspection? Follow these steps to be sure.
Easy Ways to Turn Your Supporters into Fundraisers
by Hagenbuch, Dana
Extend your fundraising reach with personal Web pages.
Five Steps to Turn Resolutions into Results*
by Humanergy
Forget willpower. Use this well-proven strategy to accomplish what you want to do.
Gain New Supporters with Dramatic Presentations
by Harrison, Bill J.
Here's a great way to win support for your cause.
How Marketing Savvy Can Help a Start-Up Succeed*
by Bell, Mimi
The key is to carve out a unique niche, as this case study makes clear.
How to Target Corporations to Diversify Your Funding Mix*
by Gurbach, David L.
Do you need to retool your funding strategy? If corporations aren't part of your plan, the answer is yes.
Make Your Meetings Productive
by Swanson, Andrew
Do your board or committee meetings ever get off the track? Proper planning will keep time from being wasted.
Nine Small Advocacy Tips that Can Make a Big Difference
by Carrasco, Michael J.
Advocacy isn't a mysterious process. It's just a way to build useful partnerships. Here's how.
You Have A Story To Tell
by Campbell, Malcolm R.
Take a fresh look at your press releases.

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