Nonprofit World: January-February 2006


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"Don't Call Us" - Telemarketing Regulations Reach Out to Nonprofits*
by Lopatkiewicz, Stefan
Don?t assume that the new telemarketing rules don?t affect you. Here?s what you need to know.
A Collaboration Checklist: Ten Questions for Success
by Tanzer, Ben
Use this checklist to keep your collaboration on track.
Are Your Online Donations Secure?*
by Solomon, David
Don?t put your donors or your organization at risk.
Collaboration and Leadership: Secrets of Success
by Bush, Richard
When problems are big and no one?s in charge, what can you do? Follow these steps.
Everything You Wanted to Know about Capital Campaigns, and More*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Two books answer your campaign questions.
How Can a Geographically-Challenged Board Hold Meetings?*
by Weisman, Carol
How should you handle board meetings with members spread across the nation?
How to Assess & Improve Your Board's Performance
by Craft, Ralph & Ronald Benson
Rate your board to see if it?s focusing on all 20 essential activities.
Nonprofit or Not-for-Profit - What's the Difference?
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
What?s the proper terminology?
Rethinking Development in the Nonprofit Sector
by Bugamin, Susan
If you rely on a grantwriter, it may be time to change your strategy.
Using the New Media to Promote Your Mission and Protect Your Reputation
by Mullen, Jennifer
The trick is to blend the new with the tried-and-true.
What to Do Next*
by Lemberg, Paul
Here are the secrets to extraordinary results.

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