Nonprofit World: January-February 2001


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Can US Nonprofits Raise Funds in Canada?
by Hayhoe, Robert
Category: Fundraising / Canada
Compensation in NP Organizations
Category: Personnel / Salaries
How Relevant is Global Thinking?*
by Koenig, Bonnie
Category: Global Thinking / Relevance
Latest High Tech Trends: Giant Leap for NPs*
by Feller, Gordon
Category: Computers / Trends
Leaders Who Make a Difference*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Category: Book Reviews / Leaders
Most Likely Lawsuits--and How to Protect Yourself
by Doyle, Tanya & Brian Kleiner
Category: Law & Taxation / Lawsuits
New Retirement Options Open Up for NPs*
by Thompson, Todd
Category: Personnel / Retirement Plans
NP Marketing: How Far Has It Come?
by Akchin, Don
Category: Marketing / Survey
Plans May Be Strategic But Need Proactive Staff to Succeed
by Glasrud, Bruce
Category: Future Trends / Staff
Sensemaking: Remedy for Indecisive Boards
by Perkins, John
Category: Boards / Sensemaking
To Accept or Not: Guide for Dealing with Tainted Money
by Schaefer, Arthur Gross
Category: Fundraising / Tainted

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