Nonprofit World: January-February 1998


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Do You Qualify for Postal Discounts?*
by Denton, Neal
Category: Law & Taxation / Postal Discounts
Don't Wait for Intermediate Sanctions Guidance
by Tesdahl, Ben & Jodi Finder
Category: Law & Taxation / Intermediate Sanctions
Gen X: How to Manage Market & Motivate Them
by Mitchell, Mark & Robert Orwig
Category: Management / Gen X
How to Become a Prosperous Organization*
Category: Book Reviews / Grow to Be Great
Is Your Newsletter Doomed to Fail?*
by Beach, Lisa
Category: Communications / Newsletter
Learn, Grow & Change: Adapting Service Orgs
by Coolsen, Peter & Leigh Wintz
Category: Management / Change
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Gifts of Property
by Solender, Elizabeth & Krause,
Category: Fundraising / Gifts of Property
Ten Top Web-Site Tips
by Frenza, JP & Leslie Hoffman
Category: Computers / Web Site
The Board's Very Own Peter Principle
by Carver, Miriam
Category: Boards / Peter Principle
Three Ways to Strengthen NPs: Lessons from Abroad*
by Mott Foundation
Category: Global Thinking / Post-Communist nps
Wanted: Board Statistics & Models
by Abzug, Rikki
Category: Boards / Models

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