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Nonprofit World: January-February 1996


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A New Look at Fundraising Letters*
Category: Book Reviews / Fundraising
Closing the Gap: Information Technology & the Nonprofit Se
by Beckley, Rika et al.
Category: Computers / Info Technology
Don't Be Blinded by Fundraising: Have You Looked at Your Sat
by Chupack, Marla
Category: Law & Taxation / Unemployment Tax
Face to Face
by Lauer, Larry
Category: Communications / Interpersonal
How to Save Money Through Bottoms-Up Budgeting*
by Brinckerhoff, Peter
Category: Enterprise / Budgeting
New Penalties Proposed for Nonprofits
by Tesdahl, D. Benson
Category: Law & Taxation / Compensation Law
Rule Requires Board Members to be Expert Investors
by Bolton, Percy & Arthur Bolton
Category: Boards / Investments
Staff Meetings: an Organizational Must
by Allport, Alexander
Category: Personnel / Staff Meetings
The Care & Nurturing of Corporate Friends*
by Weisman, Carol
Category: Fundraising / Corporate Funding
The Mysteries of Postage-Paid Envelopes
by Warwick, Mal
Category: Fundraising / Direct Mail
What Should You Know About Federal Grants?*
by Solloway, Richard
Category: Fundraising / Grants

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