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Hidden Valley Food Products Company




The Company, a subsidiary of the Clorox Company, will award grants to elementary schools across the United States to support increased access to, and consumption of, fresh vegetables during lunch. The Love Your Veggies Nationwide School Lunch Campaign grant program was created to help schools implement a recent federally mandated local wellness policy that requires schools to develop and execute programs to improve their students’ overall health and nutrition. The Program is in response to the shortage of funds available for the execution of these programs. Fifty-one elementary schools will receive grants of $10,000 each (one per state plus an extra one to a school in Oakland, California, the Clorox Company’s hometown). Funds will be applied to creative and sustainable vegetable consumption programs, fresh produce, program staffing, a training course for school personnel given by representatives of the School Nutrition Association on how to create a healthy and nutritious environment in school, and nutrition education supplies. An online application is available on the Web site.

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