Aurora Prize For Awakening Humanity


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The global, annual award aims to recognize and support those who risk their life, health, freedom, reputation, or livelihood in order to save and aid individuals that suffer as a result of today’s tragedies, especially man-conceived disasters and crimes against humanity. This Prize was launched by the Aurora Humanities Initiative and seeks to identify and support modern day heroes who do the difficult, life-saving humanitarian work on the ground, in many dangerous places around the world. The Prize, granted on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, is in gratitude to their saviors. It recognizes the importance of aiding people who demonstrate exceptional courage and commitment to help others and have a huge impact on the welfare of humankind. Any individual or group that commits an extraordinary act of humanity can be nominated to receive the Prize. Self-nominations are not permitted. Additional information and application instructions can be found on the Web site.

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