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The retail Company focuses its grantmaking on environmental work. The Companyís environmental retail grant program supports small, grassroots organizations with provocative direct-action agendas, working strategically on multipronged campaigns to preserve and protect the environment. The Company looks to help local group working to protect local habitats and frontline communities through bold, original actions. Priority is given to organizations that identify and work on the root causes of problems and approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. Preference is given to innovative groups with proposed projects that are quantifiable; have specific goals, objectives, and action plans; and that include measures for evaluating success. Grants are not awarded for general environmental education efforts; land acquisition, land trusts, or conservation easements; research (unless itís in direct support of a developed plan for specific action to alleviate an environmental problem); environmental conferences; endowment funds; political campaigns; or green building projects. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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