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Merck Family Fund




The Fund was established by the president of the drug Company in 1954 to do two things: to do good with the resources acquired through the company’s success and to create an opportunity to regularly bring family members together. The Fund focuses on a variety of environmental issues. Grants are made in the following categories: Conserving Ecologically Valuable Land, Making Paper Production Sustainable, Reducing CO2 Emissions through Energy Efficiency and Carbon Pricing, and Urban Farming and Youth Leadership. Conserving Ecologically Valuable Land grants are awarded to organizations in the Southern Appalachians, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Making Paper Products Sustainable grants are awarded nationally. Reducing CO2 Emissions grants are awarded to organizations in the Northeast and Southeast. Urban Farming and Youth Leadership grants are given to organizations in the six New England states, New York City, and Philadelphia. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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