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The Foundation was established by the family of William O. Taylor, the former publisher of The Boston Globe. The Foundation focuses its grantmaking on three main areas of interest: education, the environment, and projects that enhance historic preservation. Education grants are focused on programs for pre-school through elementary school age children with an emphasis on early learning, literacy, civics, and the teaching of history. Environment grants are targeted toward projects that focus on protecting the ‘Commonwealth of Boston’s waterways and the quality of its water – with special emphasis on Boston Harbor, the Charles River, the South Coast, Buzzards Bay, and the Elizabeth Islands. History grants are targeted toward projects about the history of Boston’s recent immigrants and their contributions to medicine, education, and the environment. The
Foundation is also interested in the history of New Bedford and its environs, and in New Bedford’s potential as a model for urban renewal. Details about the application process and additional information can be found on the Web site.

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